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Welcome to KIX1001: Engineering Mathematics I

This website will no longer maintained. All the solutions are taken down. You could obtained them from the solutions branch in my Github.

This website contains all necessary info for the tutorial of KIX1001! I am your friendly instructor - Hong Vin. The following only applies if you are from Tutorial Group 1.

Tutorial Schedule

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General Information for Tutorial Class

  1. The schedule of tutorial is available over here.
  2. The class will be conducted through Google Meet
  3. Please join the Telegram Group and WhatsApp Group.
  4. Fill up your information through the form here
  5. Please be punctual.
  6. Extra resources are available in this website, such as solving the questions using MATLAB, Python, Mathematica. Not compulsory, but for your own knowledge!
  7. Ask if you need any help.

Website Usage Agreement

  1. It is suggested that you view the solution online, and do not share the solution to your junior!
  2. The solution for tutorial will be taken down right before the exam started.

Marks Distribution

Last updated: 23 December 2021

Assessment Topics Dates Percentage (%)
Assignment 1 Week 10 – First order ODE (Assignment released on week 7) 21 Jan 2022 (Week 13) 10
Test 1 Vector Algebra (Week 3-5) 3 Dec 2021 (Week 7) 15
Test 2 Integrals (Week 8-9) 7 Jan 2022 (Week 11)
14 Jan 2022 (Week 12)
Total Continous Assessment (A):     40
Final Exam Q1 Partial Derivatives (Week 1-2) Exam Week 15
Final Exam Q2 Matrix Algebra & Engineering Application of Matrix Algebra    
(Week 6-7) Exam Week 15  
Final Exam Q3 Second order ODE (Week 11-12) Exam Week 15
Final Exam Q4 Power Series Solution for DE (Week 13-14) Exam Week 15
Total Final Exam (B):     60
Total Marks (A+B):     100

How to use this website

This website is retype into web format, allowing you to do revision easily. You can opt to print by using the pre-compiled PDF on every tutorial top page.

The technology behind this website

Ever wonder how this website is built? The website uses the following technologies:

  • Markdown: Formatting the pages
  • Jekyll: Posting the Markdown file into nice HTML
  • LaTeX: All the mathematics font rendered.

LaTeX is a good tool to format and linting mathematical equations. Not only it is nice to view, it can support long, complex mathematic equations, which could not support well by Microsoft Word Equation.

Source Code

All the source code of this website is available in Github. Go ahead and star the repo and follow me!

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